yARN: Sweet, rotten Apple

yARN: Sweet, rotten Apple

Chew it out all you like, but Apple just keeps outperforming its competitors

It’s a popular industry trend right now to dislike Apple as a corporation. But, if you’re competing with Apple it’s cause for concern that even when people don’t like the corporation, they’re still buying the products.

Apple had a good Q2. There’s a real paradigm shift happening in the market now as Steve Job’s jaggernaught saw substantial gains in both the iPad and iPhone categories. Even a slip in iPod sales didn’t prevent record revenues for the world’s #1 IT company.

The really interesting slice of news though was the company has leapt onto the US PC shipments podium. It jumped both Toshiba and Acer to now sit behind just Dell and HP with a 10.7 per cent market share (turn to page 12 for the full findings).

Four years ago it had just four per cent of the PC market share. While 10.7 per cent is still signifi cantly behind both Dell and HP, Apple’s ‘do something different’ approach to the market is clearly working. With services such as a B2B App store coming to the fore, the ability for Apple products to offer something for everyone is only getting stronger.

The key is the simplicity. Bringing the App store to the Mac was a masterstroke as it’s a far more straightforward way for users to buy and install software. The iCloud service too will likely be uncomplicated and directed at those users without a technical background. And unlike some recent examples of cloud advertising, Apple will likely make iCloud attractive.

On the tablet front, there are some 300 rival tablets to the iPad. None of them can claim numbers in the same ballpark as Apple. The iPhone might not enjoy the same overall market share as the Android devices, but Apple is just one vendor, not a group of competing companies sharing an OS.

It’s hard to argue the Apple has peers when it comes to sheer usability, interface design and marketing to the consumers. In a world where the consumerisation of IT is a clear trend, these are competitive advantages that makes Apple a very disruptive technology.

The competition might want to start thinking right outside of the box, rather than trying to ‘me-too.’ It’s hard to see anyone out-appleing Apple.

This opinion piece first appeared as the editorial in ARN magazine of July 267, 2011

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