What's new from: Sophos, Trend Micro, F-Secure, CA, Clearswift, Sybari, Norman, SonicWALL, Check Point, NetScreen

What's new from: Sophos, Trend Micro, F-Secure, CA, Clearswift, Sybari, Norman, SonicWALL, Check Point, NetScreen


Sophos MailMonitor for SMTP v1.1 has beefed up threat-reduction features, including automatic activation of safe computing precautions. It scans the network for malicious code at the mail gateway level and enables disguised double file extensions, executable files and specific subject lines to be blocked. MailMonitor is also available on Exchange 2000 and Notes/Domino platforms.

Sophos: (02) 9409 9100.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro launched its enterprise protection strategy this month, which tackles the policy and procedural aspect of AV so often neglected by customers. The first three cards in the deck are: outbreak prevention services, including proactive, attack-specific prevention policies to help enterprises deflect, isolate and stem attacks within minutes of a virus release and prior to the release of the pattern file; damage assessment and cleanup services, which are attack-specific cleaning services that help enterprises rid their networks of virus remnants and increase post-attack protection; and outbreak lifecycle management and reporting through Trend Micro Control Manager v2.1, which includes administration, monitoring and reporting of the pre and post-pattern file outbreak phases.

Trend Micro: (02) 8876 5678.


F-Secure's AV range covers servers, desktops, laptops and handhelds, as well as supporting the new Exchange Virus Scanning Interface (EVSI) in Microsoft's Exchange Server 5.5. The range is primed to recognise new viruses based on typical features of viruses and is backed by 24x7x365 tech support. Administrators can update virus signature databases via a local user interface or remote administration. The system uses a server pool option, which automatically connects to the backup server if one scanning server becomes unavailable. It is distributed by Open Systems (02 6261 490;

Computer Associates

For small businesses with more than one PC to protect, the ideal CA-developed solution is Vet Enterprise. This is much more cost-effective than purchasing additional single copies, and can be installed and kept updated easily across a network. Access to the Web site for upgrades/updates and free support for one year are included in the purchase price. Vet Enterprise has RRPs of $192.50 for two users, $321.20 for five users, and $535.70 for 10 users.

Computer Associates: 1800 224 636.


Clearswift (formally Mimesweeper) has recently released MAILsweeper for Domino version 5.1, a policy-based content security solution that enables medium and large organisations to manage threats in Domino Mail and databases. The product supports Symantec CarrierScan and NAI Netshield solutions as well as virus-protection software from Command Software Systems, Norman, F-Secure and Sophos.

Clearswift: (02) 8514 7300.


Sybari's flagship product, Antigen, targets groupware-based virus and security threats and is touted as a high-performance antivirus, content management, and e-mail security solution for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino/Notes messaging communities. It is a server-based application that enables messaging administrators to detect and remove viruses before they reach mission-critical applications. It claims to be the only solution with a choice of leading scan engine technologies from Network Associates, Norman Data Defense, Sophos, Computer Associates and Kaspersky Labs. Antigen costs approximately $5,300 for a 100-user, two-year renewable licence.

Sybari Software: (02) 9495 9700.


Norman Virus Control (NVC) 5.0 scans any file object that is copied or moved within a network. For this chore, it does not use any third-party software packages so the use of bandwidth is quite modest. The 5.0 version utilises "sandboxing" technology, a method whereby the program establishes a simulated computer in an enclosed area, allowing the virus to replicate on the simulated machine under careful monitoring in order to examine the outcome and produce a vaccine. NVC5 can be used as a single-user system or in a LAN/WAN network and has no scaling limitations. NVC5 costs $89 (inc GST), which includes technical support, unlimited upgrades and a virus alert service. The product is distributed in Australia and NZ by Capital Security Solutions (03 9801 0100;



SonicWALL has teamed with McAfee to build a gateway-enforced antivirus solution for small-to-medium enterprises. It couples the automatic policy enforcement and management of McAfee antivirus signature and client software updates with SonicWALL's attachment-blocking service - all as an affordable per-client subscription. Key features include auto-enforcement and management, rapid e-mail attachment blocking and zero administration. Distributed by Tecksel, LAN 1 and Dovetail Distribution, pricing starts from $1,525.

SonicWALL: (02) 9006 7912.

Check Point

Check Point's recently launched SmartDefense complements intrusion-detection systems and antivirus solutions by providing an added layer of advanced security protection. It builds upon the powerful capabilities of Check Point's Stateful Inspection security engine to provide greater control and management against IP attacks, including IP spoofing and IP fragmentation; SYN flood and LANd-type denial-of-service attacks; Web and application vulnerabilities, including Trojan horses and worms; and network probing, such as port scanning and service scanning.

Check Point Software: (02) 9493 6000.


NetScreen has teamed with Trend Micro to package an integrated security solution (NetScreen's 100 or 500 with Trend's InterScan VirusWall). The combination means that all e-mail, Web or FTP traffic that travels through the internal network will be inspected for malicious content. The solution uses Content Scanning Protocol (CSP) to offload non-essential, time-consuming tasks from the firewall, such as e-mail message and attachment reconstruction. Deployment is done by changing a line of code on the firewall instead of having to reconfigure the network settings, routers, servers, workstations or laptops. NetScreen 100 and 500 have a list price of $24,000 and $60,000, respectively. They are distributed by ChannelWorx and Digital Networks.

NetScreen Technologies: (02) 9959 2220.

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