APP OF THE DAY: Music Studio

APP OF THE DAY: Music Studio

"If you enjoy making music, then Music Studio is one of the better apps for download."

Music Studio
Cost: $15.99 | Developer:Alexander Gross | Platform: iPad/iPhone | Version 1.6.1 | 274 MB | iOS 4.0 tested

If you enjoy making music, then Music Studio is one of the better apps for download. It provides you with a keyboard, many different musical instruments, and the ability to record and then export that music.

You might be worried that the flat nature of the iPad screen, as well as the limited real estate compared to a real keyboard would make Music Studio difficult to work with. Surprisingly, this is not the case. It's was to zoom the keyboard in and out to accommodate your comfort levels, and it's easy to record small sections at a time and then stich the piece together.

The app allows for multiple layers of music at a time if you're keen on putting together an orchestral masterpiece, and exports out in .wav format to maintain quality. A comprehensive metronome is built in well.

In app purchases allow you to access even more instruments.

Pros: Comprehensive recording options. The ability to zoom in and out of the keyboard for comfort. Export to .wav

Cons: Keys aren't tactile, and editing long pieces of music can be painful. It’s hard to use on iPhone because of the small screen size.

Verdict: This won't replace your home recording studio, but it's fun to mess with on the go.

Get it here: On iTunes

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