Seminar stuff-up confuses channel

Seminar stuff-up confuses channel

Microsoft has thrown its corporate customers into a spin after invitations to a volume licence management seminar were sent to people such as HQ1 DXSK9.

The problems were compounded when the proposed date, time and venue of the event were listed as Day Month Year, Hour and Location.

The problems obviously stemmed from a mail merge glitch within Microsoft's customer database, whereby database codes were printed on the invites instead of invitees' actual names.

However, Tabloid spies managed to track down pub owner and Caragabal, NSW local HQ1 DXSK9 who is looking forward to attending the conference.

"I don't get many invites from Microsoft. In fact I only heard of them when Gazza said he was looking to buy shares in a mob that made an antidote for Viagra abusers. Johnno said the company must have been called Microsoft - but then Shez said that was a computa [sic] company," DXSK9 said.

DXSK9 said that while he admits his is an unusual name, he explains that being the youngest of 47 children in a regional orphanage had drained the Mother Superior of any inspiration for a proper Christian name.

"My mates call me Bill."

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