Gamers undeterred by market pinch

Gamers undeterred by market pinch

Not even an economic meltdown and impending world war could keep the gamers at bay during September, with Inform figures showing cranking sales that only promise to get better in the lead up the Christmas.

The situation has been aided considerably by Sony, which dropped the price on its PlayStation 2 console in a final effort to gain a foothold in the market prior to the onslaught of Microsoft and its X-Box release early next year.

Meanwhile, Inform analyst Phil Burnham says we are in for a huge Christmas with a lot of new games hitting the market.

We can expect big things from Electronic Arts which is releasing some good titles pre-Christmas. The Gameboy Color platform will also do well, despite being fazed out in the new year and replaced by the Gameboy Advanced. Yet Burnham claims, "There are so many [Gameboy Color machines] out there, there's still a lot of life left in that market."

Once Christmas is done and dusted, the battle between Microsoft and Sony will recommence. By this time, Nintendo will have released its Game Cube console, however Burnham feels the vendor is unlikely to be affected by the Microsoft/Sony tousle. "Nintendo has a very loyal set of gamers who will stick with it."

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