APP OF THE DAY: Whiteboard

APP OF THE DAY: Whiteboard

Loads of uses at work and home - and it's free

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Cost: Free | Developer: HenryHuang | Platform: Android 1.5 OS and above (Not compatible with tablets) | Version 1.7.2 | 163k

A picture can speak a thousand words and some ideas are just easier to explain when you can visualise it.

That’s why the humble whiteboard a common fixture in many offices. You can waste your breath explaining a complex issue verbally but nothing beats the ease of illustrating it in diagrams and sketches.

Which is why HenryHuang’s Whiteboard app for Android smartphones is such a useful tool. Yes, it doesn’t look like much when you boot it up on your smartphone; a white screen with a few coloured markers on one side. But simplicity is the thing that makes it so appealing.

This app isn’t for budding artists to create miniature masterpieces. It is for people to quickly draw up a diagram at a business presentation, explain an idea to friends or just to make a quick note-to-self.

It can even be used in lieu of paper when playing Pictionary! Probably not the most useful way to employ the app but you get the idea. The app has a wide range of, well, applications.

And the best part? It’s free.

All doodles/diagrams/drawings of cats can be saved and reviewed later.

Pros: Simple to use and to look at. That and it’s absolutely free,

Cons: The app is not compatible with tablets just yet. Which is a pity since it would work so well on one.

Verdict: All touchscreen phones should be preloaded with a Whiteboard or at least something similar.

Get it here Android Market

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