ARN Online gives you Apps

ARN Online gives you Apps

App of the Day, features, slideshows, guest reviews - get into the best apps with ARN Online

As the smartphone and tablet revolution sweeps the world and businesses embrace both into their operating systems, there is no doubt the way we operate, do business and share or access information is changing rapidly. A significant player in revolution is the app.

Mindful of that and the huge number of apps out there - there are 425,000-plus in the Apple App store alone - ARN is now delivering a full app coverage.

Today, we launch an Apps homepage loaded with features and news stories - it'll be updated daily, hourly, whenever the news breaks on the app front worldwide. And we also launch our App of The Day. This is going to be fun.

Each day, one of ARN's team of appheads - that's most of our editorial staff - will review an app they think is worth finding it's way to your tablet or phone.

Running the show is appmeister, Patrick Budmar, who is keen to get you onboard as a guest reviewer - or if you don't have the time to knock off a review but would like to see a specific app reviewed then just contact him, as well. Patrick can be found here so drop him a review or recommendation today.

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