APP OF THE DAY: Remember the Milk

APP OF THE DAY: Remember the Milk

A simple to-do list that allows you to set little reminders for yourself

Remember the Milk
Cost: Free | Developer: Remember the Milk | Platform: iPad/ iPhone/ Android/ Blackberry | Version 2.0.1 | 10.3 MB | iOS 3.1+

Remember the Milk is one of those useful little applications to have sitting on your portable device. We’re all pretty busy people, and we’ve all experienced that moment where we know we should have remembered something relatively trivial, but can’t think of what it is until it’s too late.

Remember the Milk is a simple to-do list that allows you to set little reminders for yourself – it’s a virtual piece of string around the finger.

What makes this app so compelling compared to the competition (which, let’s face it, includes the internal notes program on the iPhone or iPad) is the user interface. It’s clean, elegant, and makes it very easy to see at a glance what you’ve been forgetting to do.

There’s other geotagging tools to play around with, but this app aims for simplicity, rather than trying to offer a robust calendar solution. It’s possible to pay some money to unlock a “pro” version of the app, but it simply adds a few more useful features to the package – the free version is no trial, it’s a fully usable piece of software.

Pros: Easy to use, clean interface.

Cons: Lacks the features of a full calendar application.

Verdict: This is an application that has the perfect name. You wouldn’t want to organise your business on it, but Remember the Milk is useful for the little things in life.

Get it here:

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