Apple to shift 14m iPads in the coming quarter

Apple to shift 14m iPads in the coming quarter

Market watchers predict bumper three months for Apple's tablet

Apple could shift as many as 14 million iPads in the third quarter of 2011, it has been claimed.

Digitimes reports that "market sources" reckon Apple's tablet will shift 12 million to 14 million units in 3Q11, up from between seven million and nine million in 2Q11.

The third quarter is typically peak season and according to the report Apple's aggressive strategy in placing orders with its manufacturers is entirely expected.

The report also claims that Apple has been stockpiling inventory during the second quarter in order to meet demand.

Earlier this week, reports from the same publication said that Apple's dominance of the world's tablet production capacity was causing serious problems for Amazon, which plans to launch an Android tablet in August or September this year.

The tablet market looks set to become slighty more competitive with the introduction of a new contender this week - the HP TouchPad. However, analysts don't expect it to make that much of an impact.

Meanwhile, Computerworld's Jonny Evans, writing on his Apple Holic blog, reckons sales of the iPad could reach 40 million this year.

Based on sales of four million plus in the first quarter, added to sales of roughly eight million in the second quarter according to Digitimes' sources, Evans predicts that Apple will hit its 14 million target in Q3 and then match it in the final quarter, hitting the 40 million mark for the calendar year.

This figure exceeds the figure of 36.5 million quoted by Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley, and is 10 million greater than Charlie Wolf of Needhams estimates.

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