HP launches new Government Secure Cloud Services

HP launches new Government Secure Cloud Services

Aims to deliver government agility while addressing Australian privacy and security needs

HP Enterprise Service has launched its Government Secure Cloud Services offering agencies adjustable secure processing capacities that meet their specific requirements.

Data will be held onshore in a certified datacentre environment and accessed via a certified secure government gateway, to comply with Australian government data sovereignty and security laws.

The HP Government Secure Cloud Services is a dedicated community cloud or G-cloud environment that allows government agencies to use technology as required without a large capital expense outlay.

Its features include: a secure processing capacity, delivery by HP Enterprise Services through a Defence Signals Directorate-certified secure gateway and hosted on infrastructure from a Whole of Government datacentre panel provider, availability of server, storage, network and security resources, applications that support critical business functions and HP Converged Infrastructure technology and tools.

HP South-Pacific vice-president of enterprise solutions, Alan Bennett, said, “Government Secure Cloud Services drives a mentality in a series of events which cause interaction with government, which cross the boundaries of the different systems. There is also conversation around the NBN and what that will enable.”

A recent survey conducted by Ovum on the Asia-Pacific business trends of cloud growth showed Australia ranking lower than other countries in the surrounding region – at 33 per cent.

“In the government and financial services sectors, we see data sovereignty, service level agreements, the ability to negotiate contracts, network security and the robustness of the value proposition come up time and time again,” Ovum research director of government practice, Kevin Noonan, said.

He suggested agencies adopt a flexible and cost-effective IT service delivery model to speed implementation time and improve the quality and responsiveness of citizen services without the need for significant new resources.

Ovum expects to see consumption-based and shared delivery models gaining momentum within government agencies, addressing privacy and security are key issues, he said.

HP aims to enable federal or state government agencies to transition from supporting and exploring the cloud to enabling a full range of secure apps and integration.

The company will soon be able to deploy the infrastructure, which will vary from agency to agency and will continue to build up the system over the next three years.

HP also most recently announced new solutions for SMBs.

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