yARN: Money beats expertise every time

yARN: Money beats expertise every time

Revealing a significant cause of so many security and privacy issues on the Internet

There is a significant problem in the way our leaders protect us from online and similar intrusion into our privacy and security. It’s called money.

I came across this comment in an online forum (it’s easy to find and there’s a lot more of interest at that site – do your research, people!):

Attribution on the Internet isn't possible, and all the engineer's know that. When we tell legislators or other "folks in charge", they simply ignore us because "lying scoundrels with agenda" tell them what they want to hear in hopes of duping them out of money.

Hacks that point out the total ineffectiveness of this "folks in charge"/"lying scoundrels with agenda" complex are not unlikely, they are hilarious "I told you so" moments for all the engineers.

We're not going to stop laughing until they stop being funny.

After I gave out a somewhat depressed chuckle, I started thinking that this is a significant cause of so many security and privacy issues on the Internet and also out in the big bad world.

The “engineers” in the quote above are completely unable to talk to the decision makers, and that’s for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that they are unable to communicate in the words of a 5-year-old.

EVERY politician needs to get their message across to the “lowest common denominator” in society, and to do that, they must pitch to very low layers on Maslow’s hierarchy [of needs]. They also must receive communications at the same level. I ask you, how many current members of the various legislatures around the world have qualifications in ANY scientific or technical subject; and compare that with the number of legal qualifications.

This means that reasoned arguments based on fact and technology will fall flat; both coming from the mouths and being delivered to the ears of politicians. Instead one must appeal to vague concepts of ‘protection’ and ‘fear.’ And any degree of privacy simply cuts into the profits of the “lying scoundrels with agenda”. Also, there’s nothing a politician likes more than an expensive shiny device with a ribbon around it they can cut.

Hence the strength of our “lying scoundrels with agenda”. They are able to deliver the shiny boxes and the 5-year-old’s message of how perfect things will be. And the saddest part of all this? You and I are paying for all this as we collectively purchase so many shiny boxes (with ribbons, of course).

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