New AAPT CEO to avoid “vociferous” commentary style of predecessor

New AAPT CEO to avoid “vociferous” commentary style of predecessor

"Relaxed and easy-going" David Yuile will refrain from adopting the commentary style of outspoken outgoing AAPT CEO, Paul Broad.

Newly knighted AAPT CEO, David Yuile, will avoid the “vociferous” commentary style of his predecessor when talking about topics such as the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Yuile was announced as the new CEO on June 16 and will take over from Paul Broad.

Broad was very vocal about his thoughts on the NBN during his tenure as AAPT.

While Yuile had nothing but respect for Broad, he was determined to differentiate himself from his predecessor.

“First and foremost I want to say that I am not Paul,” he said. “I’m Dave; very different, kind of confident, relaxed but more easy-going.

“I will commentate but probably on different topics.”

Yuile said while he was passionate about the telco industry, he will refrain from beating his own drum too loudly.

“I don’t think I’ll be as vociferous as Paul because that’s not my style,” he said.

Yulie has been working behind the scenes with NBN Co fostering a healthy relationship with the company.

AAPT is a certified reseller on the NBN and will be providing aggregation services for providers.

“We actually have fibre at around 68 per cent of the points-of-interconnect (POIs) already and we will eventually have 100 per cent POI coverage,” Yuile said. “AAPT, AAPT and Optus services is a natural fit for our business.

“There’s going to be multiple access networks for many years to come and we’ll provide a seamless service for people so that is the role we will play.

As part of Yuile’s 12 month vision for AAPT, the new CEO is planning to launch a range of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products that will complement its telecommunications catalogue.

Yuile was pleased with the outcome of AAPT’s sale of its consumer division as the company can now focus heavily on business and wholesale customers.

“We have pretty clear plans,” he said. “We have a good product roadmap and I think we’ve got a lot of new customers coming on board.

“We are really well placed for moving forward.”

Yuile officially steps in as AAPT CEO on July 1.

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