Compuware introduces IPv6 website performance comparison test

Compuware introduces IPv6 website performance comparison test

IPv4 is running out, the industry gears up for the IPv6 migration

Technology performance vendor, Compuware, recently launched its free Internet Protocol version (IPv)6 website performance comparison test that allows businesses to measure IPv4- and IPv6-enabled web application speeds.

The IPv4 is a connectionless protocol used on packet-switched link layer networks and the IPv6 is an enhanced version of the former.

According to Compuware, as companies migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 and with IPv4 running out this year, the industry should ensure IPv6-enabled applications perform as per customer user experience expectations.

By submitting URLs for both the IPv-enabled websites, the test constructs a waterfall chart that compares the response time of each site and provides a screen capture of the IPv6 and IPv4 pages as shown in an actual browser.

Compuware APM business unit chief technology officer, Steve Tack, said the solution is the industry’s first free IPv6 website performance comparison test.

“This instant test provides a quick and simple way to measure the response times that a user experiences when using these two protocols and helps ensure organisations experience a smooth and successful transition to IPv6,” he added.

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