EMC: New skills are being developed for the cloud

EMC: New skills are being developed for the cloud

Investing in cloud architect skills is required to get proper use out of new technology

The adoption of cloud computing in the market is driving the requirement for new cloud-specific skills, according to storage giant, EMC.

The vendor held its Inform 2011 event in Sydney and visiting keynote speaker, EMC’s global marketing CTO, Chuck Hollis, said entirely new careers were being created that didn’t exist several years ago.

These roles include a variety of cloud architects – people that can do technology enablement and process re-engineering.

“Cloud is about changing the way you do things and unless you invest in a cloud architect that does process re-engineering, you’ll have new technology but you’ll use it like its 1995,” Hollis said.

“We’re finding these top level business engagement cloud architects need to take that service level cloud infrastructure platform, engage with the business and know enough about them to use it.”

Hollis also brought up the issue of security in cloud computing and said powerful real time analytics would help wield against new forms of security threats.

“We’re going to need powerful real-team analytics to tell us what is going on,” he said.

The vendor is investing in a new entity called Cloud Trust Authority, which supplies services covering identity, information and infrastructure cloud security as well as compliance reporting. It helps facilitate secure interaction with companies and cloud service providers.

“We believe the advent of cloud trust authorities will accelerate the adoption of external cloud services because you don’t have to verify everything yourself,” he said. “We’re investing in key technologies in event management, real-time analytics, GRC frameworks and our cloud trust authority.”

The hybrid cloud model is also set to become the main delivery and consumption platform for IT, according to EMC A/NZ and South-East Asia president, David Webster.

“Cloud changes the consumption and delivery of IT and big data delivers the value of IT in a different way. That’s why we see the intersection of cloud and big data as providing increased value to business across Australia,” Webster said. “We believe hybrid cloud will become the main way that IT is delivered in the future whether it’s a private or public cloud.”

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