IBM offers Tivoli Web management software

IBM offers Tivoli Web management software

IBM on Friday announced a new Tivoli Web management product that allows companies to track performance and availability of Web-based resources such as servers, application servers and Java-based middleware and applications.

The Tivoli Web Component Manager is browser-based software that lets businesses monitor software and deliver real-time and historical reporting on the software's status. Network administrators can then determine what is causing a failure or slowdown and correct the problem before it affects a user's system performance.

The software, which IBM claims can be installed, configured and deployed in one day, is part of Tivol Systems' line of distributed monitoring products. The other products in the line include Web Services Manager, which monitors transactions, providing information on the availability and performance of services, and Web Services Analyzer, which offers in-depth analysis of Web server statistics.

"Tivoli is making a serious play to offer tools for Web-based applications and services, and they're covering two big areas: identifying critical management problems and addressing them" to help businesses fix problems in a timely manner, says Richard Ptak, an analyst at the Hurwitz Group.

Businesses, though, will have to be aware how Web Component Manager fits into an existing monitoring environment and how adept it is to change, Ptak says. If businesses, for example, add another server, they need to determine whether they need to reconfigure the setup or take the software down, he says.

The software costs $US31 per endpoint, but that price decreases as the size of the environment increases.

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