Horizontal markets and pyramid schemes

Horizontal markets and pyramid schemes

Here at ARN we are always keen to present our readers with opportunities in the market. We figure that if you grow, we grow. So we are always on the look-out for innovative new ideas. Yes, that's right, we think outside the square.

And ARN isn't the only mob looking outside the square at the moment. While browsing ZZZ online (, a site for geeky stuff (you know, like computers and science and the webmaster's opinion on this, that and the other), we recently came across some very interesting ideas for new computer peripherals.

Listen to any marketing manager rave on about selling products in a tough economic environment and somewhere along the line they will mention the phrase "paradigm shift". These products do just that.

The pyramid-shaped keyboard was designed on the back of some initial plans by IBM to create an ergonomic keyboard. Differentiating yourself from the white-box boys must have really stressed Big Blue out to come up with anything like this.

As for the horizontal-shaped keyboard, ARN sources suggest it was developed by an accordion player who becomes disoriented when sitting at a flat keyboard.

Either way, we are certain there can be a market for these products, should a niche distributor take a chance on them. Our marketing suggestions? The nearest Star Trek convention.

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