Letter to the editor: On the contrary, the service is excellent

Letter to the editor: On the contrary, the service is excellent


I have read some rubbish in my time but the article on problems with the AOpen motherboard is one right out of the box. (ARN Daily, Nov 17)Select Approach (and its predecessor, The Logical Approach) has been selling AOpen motherboards and components for over four years and is the ACT's AOpen distributor. In this time we have sold tens of thousands of AOpen components.

The quality of product from AOpen is the highest of any motherboard manufacturer in the world. The reputation of my company, established in 1984, is for providing high-quality product. Quite frankly, if there was a better product than AOpen then we'd be selling it instead. The back-up, service and support from Servex is excellent. The information available on the AOpen Web site in Taiwan (and the US mirror) is very comprehensive and includes copies of manuals, BIOS upgrades (with a description of faults fixed by the upgrade), patches and even industry certifications (such as C-Tick, PC98 etc).

For a dealer to be selling motherboards and components there is a requirement that they have some competence and understanding of what they are doing and the commitment that they are making to the customer. Having up-to-date knowledge of CPU requirements and BIOS issues is simply part and parcel of providing a high-quality service.

The claim that Servex would ring back with a fake name seems outrageous and is in total conflict with the level of service and support we have received over the years. I would think that you should have asked for a copy of the telephone bill of the person who made that claim so that it could be inspected by you before you would print such a story. The whole article seems to me to be the bleating of people who, for some reason, have got a bee in their bonnet and want to take it out on the product distributor - apparently to deflect blame from themselves for not having the technical understanding that they should have.

The articles in ARN are usually of an excellent and informative standard. This is not one of them and does a disservice to ARN's reputation.

Yours faithfully,

John Lavett,

General Manager,

Select Approach

News editor Cameron Tomes replies:

Point taken, John.

However, it is unfair of you to suggest that one of our readers, and a fellow reseller, would go to such an extent to cover their so-called lack of "technical understanding".

Programmer's Paradise stood by its claims in the article after ARN forwarded a response from Servex dealing with the matter.

The reseller insists the motherboard sale occurred during the time the motherboard included the upgraded BIOS. Furthermore, it was then sent two BIOS upgrades, neither of which worked.

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