X Rebirth bringing space sims back

X Rebirth bringing space sims back

Egosoft announces new X game

Developer Egosoft has announced a new entry in the successful X franchise. Will it be enough to revitalize interest in the flagging space sim genre?

The late 90s and early 2000s were a golden time for anyone who enjoyed PC space flight sims with a bit of depth to them. Titles such as X: Beyond the Frontier, Freespace 2, Freelancer and Lucasarts' wonderful X-Wing/TIE Fighter series are remnants of a past age now. But Egosoft hopes that a new entry in the X series, appropriately dubbed Rebirth, will "reinvent space games."

The new game promises to be "easier than ever to start with, and remains as deep as fans expect it." Part of the reason for the decline of popularity in space sims was the steep initial learning curve and number of controls to learn, so perhaps Egosoft has found a suitable formula for introducing players to complex concepts a little at a time.

Egosoft also promises a "character-driven UI" and a "living and breathing universe," suggesting that the story will be more personal than past entries in the series. This, in turn, will help people daunted by a galaxy of seemingly infinite options to find some sense of structure, while those who are happy exploring, trading and fighting at their own pace will be able to do just that.

X Rebirth is due out in the fourth quarter of this year for PC only. Find out more at the official site or Facebook page.

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