Gartner: Who will benefit from NBN

Gartner: Who will benefit from NBN

The top three verticals

According to Gartner research vice-president, Geoff Johnson, the three verticals most set to benefit from the NBN are health, education and utilities.

“In Australia, we seem to have done a good job at university level at setting up remote education,” Johnson said. “We think that education experience will migrate down to the K-12 sector.”

On the health sector side of things, Johnson said there would be a challenge in getting the sector itself organised.

While the benefits are numerous - telepresence for remote diagnostics, and faster bandwidth which will also help move patient data into digital records - health care organisations are labouring under regulatory and financial difficulties in adopting new technology.

“If you’re able to solve the big problems of the pharmaceutical industry just through networking – such as misidentification of people and medicines – that saving alone would pay for the NBN,” Johnson said.

From the consumer point of view, we won’t see a great deal of change as a result of the NBN, but Johnson also said the storage industry stands to benefit once everybody has access to super-fast speeds.

“The sensation of storage will change,” he said. “Once you get to a certain point of inflection – and the NBN will get us there, the sensation of storage changes.”

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