Notes from the field: A cigar is just a cigar

Notes from the field: A cigar is just a cigar

Well, I'm glad I ignored the advice given to me by many readers to not go near vodka-swilling, chain-smoking Rose: I spent a very pleasant evening knocking back the shots and puffing on a cigar with her last Wednesday. What a refreshing change after Pammy's obsession with health food and all that herbal ginseng bull. That is not to say that Pammy's name didn't come up a few times, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Pammy's liking for Rose is not reciprocated. In fact, Rose consistently and scathingly referred to her as "Snooty Spice".

There is also some name-calling going on at Compaq following the Digital acquisition, I hear. In particular, Compaq executives who were passed over in the new corporate structure are wondering how so many DEC execs could have ended up in positions of power, when they were the ones responsible for running DEC into the ground. I hear that many DECites are also fearful for their jobs, because Compaq still won't fess up to its exact plans for the company.

Rose is completely ignorant of the IT industry - another point in her favour. But it seems that Microsoft, too, is having a tough time with some of the industry buzzwords currently flying around - in particular the word scalability.

Sense of humour

At least Microsoft hasn't lost its sense of humour. According to one source, if you use the version of Internet Explorer that's included with Beta 1 of NT 5.0 to go to, you get a blank page with the MCI logo on it (for some inexplicable reason) and the IE title bar changes to "You really shouldn't be here". Wonder if the DOJ will take the hint.

Although I had a great time with Rose, I have to say it was more like an evening with an old frat buddy than a date - despite the fact that Rose is tall, slender, and strikingly beautiful.

That kinda puts the lie to all this propaganda saying drinking and smoking are bad for you, doesn't it? Pass me another shot while I ponder that one.

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