Toshiba powers up in PDA market

Toshiba powers up in PDA market

The Rolls Royce of Toshiba's PDA line-up goes on sale this week. The Pocket PC e740 is the first Pocket PC in Australia to use Intel's Xscale 400MHz processor. "It wasn't that long ago that 400MHz power was used in desktops and notebooks," said Justin White, product manager at Toshiba. Toshiba has also managed to integrate wireless capability into the device, with a choice of either 802.11b or Bluetooth. The internal wireless module leaves the SD and Compact Flash expansion slots on the device free for other technologies. Battery life for the device is up to nine hours, but the battery can be removed and replaced with a new one while the other is charging and an optional long-life battery provides users with three times more power. The e740 is bundled with a USB cradle and an optional expansion pack, which connect the device to a monitor or external projector. The e740 also features up to 72 hours of data protection in the event of a flat battery. The Pocket PC e740 is available immediately. Contact Toshiba for pricing

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