Financial software has a new Focus

Financial software has a new Focus

Australasian developer Focus Software has announced the delivery of its new Greentree accounting package based on JADE, an object-oriented database and development tool from New Zealand-based Cardinal Group.

According to Richard Jones, general manager of Focus in Australia, the application was created after a survey among resellers and users of the company's CBA financial software revealed a need for a local product with "high functionality consistent with the local market".

Having sold and supported CBA for the last 15 years, Focus combined its financial software expertise with an enthusiasm for object-oriented technology to create what it claims is one of the first mid-range financial packages designed for the local software market.

"This is a new accounting package that has been developed from the ground up for local conditions," Jones said.

Apart from the fact that standard Greentree applications handle procedures involving Sales Tax, GST, PPS and Withholding tax, officials claim there are two main differences between the new Focus software and the existing accounting packages on the local market.

"Firstly, this package is using an object- oriented database in order to provide more comprehensive reporting, so it is extremely fast in the way it stores transactions and information related to those transactions," Jones explained.

"Secondly, most of the locally used Windows-based mid-range packages are actually from overseas. We have now developed a Windows-based financial software that provides Microsoft Office connectivity with customisable windows, control files and report features that can be done without any modification to the core product."

According to officials, Greentree - which is now in beta testing - is a scalable online, real-time, integrated system that can support a single user running Windows 95 or larger NT systems and Unix-based networks.

The company plans to train several Australian and NZ-based resellers in New Zealand to prepare them for product trials later this year.

While users with CBA heritage applications will be able to change over to Greentree without any problems, Focus does not expect its new package to replace them.

Enhancements for Australians

In fact, only last week the company announced the release of the upgraded CBA 2000 Version 3.0 that features a number of enhancements designed for Australian users.

"We will continue to support CBA as long as demand for a character-based solution exists. Those wishing to move to Greentree however, will be supported by an attractive upgrade policy," Jones said.

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