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Acterna Test and Management Systems Enable Rapid and Efficient Delivery of Voice, Data and Video Services Through Next Generation Broadband Networks in China and Asia Pacific

  • 21 March, 2005 13:20

<p>Beijing and Hong Kong, China: Monday, March 21 2005 -- Acterna is the worldwide test and measurement company of choice for broadcasters vying to provide the coveted “triple play” portfolio of services – voice, data and video – to customers. Acterna was the first to introduce an MPEG analyzer (critical to successful deployment of broadcast services), the first to develop test tools to verify digital broadcast signals, and the only test and measurement solutions provider with the expertise to truly support the entire lifecycle of a digital service’s deployment and continued maintenance - ensuring accuracy, quality, cost savings to “do it, or fix it, right the first time.” Acterna has an equally strong record supporting telcos who deliver broadcast and broadband-related services – among those customers are British Telecom, and a major service provider in the U.S.</p>
<p>Acterna’s complete suite of broadcast and cable network testing tools and solutions will be displayed at CCBN (China Cable Broadcasting Network) 2005, booth #3601 from March 21 -23.</p>
<p>New at CCBN 2005: Acterna’s Broadband Test and Management Portfolio Sweeps the Field for Award-Winning Triple Play Service Performance. From the edge to the core, Acterna’s bundled sets of instruments, systems, and software gives cable operators the power to quickly detect, find, fix, and prevent digital service problems. Broad range capabilities include validating the physical layer, performing digital analysis and cable modem emulation, analyzing the MPEG-2 transport stream, and identifying and managing IP and VoIP traffic in real time, delivering a complete picture of network and service performance 24/7 including:
§ Verifying throughput on DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS networks
§ Detecting packet loss in digital video, voice, and data signals
§ Emulating cable modems and diagnosing PCR jitter
§ Monitoring QAM, the return path, and IP/VoIP service
§ Analyzing the MPEG-2 digital transport stream.
For more details on how each Acterna Broadband Test and Management Portfolio component is tuned into one or more of the vital steps involved in triple-play service turn up, troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance, visit</p>
<p>New at CCBN 2005: Acterna's Digital Broadcast Test Platform (DTS-330): Supports MPEG-2, DVB and ATSC testing in one box. Users can troubleshoot their digital video networks via the platform's application modules which include the analyzer for continuous, detailed, real-time analysis of all transport stream content and statistics including: PIDs, PCR/PTS timing, programs/channels, conditional access, and PSI/SI/PSIP tables and descriptors; the multiplexer for continuous real-time transport stream creation; and, the generator for real-time transport stream recording and play out.</p>
<p>Distinguishing Features: The Acterna DTS-330 is able to support up to six different combinations of inputs and outputs, such as QPSK, ASI, full bandwidth GigE with both optical and copper interfaces, SMPTE-310, DHEI, QAM and soon to be released COFDM/8VSB. It offers input and output data rates of upto 214 Mbps.</p>
<p>Deployments: Acterna’s DTS-330 has been recently deployed among some of the top cable companies, telcos, broadcasters, equipment manufacturers and system operators in the world.</p>
<p>New at CCBN 2005: DTS Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) is supported by both the Acterna DTS-330 and the DTS-200. MHP is the critical standard that allows operators to have interactive services available via multimedia applications on set-top boxes. Acterna's DTS product line is designed to provide visibility into the object and data carousels going through the MPEG streams while operators -- either terrestrial, cable, telco, or satellite -- host multiple services for consumers on one set (as for users who watch a sports program and on the same screen play interactive games or trivia). Accuracy of testing is the major feature, ensuring the highest quality even when multiple applications are in use on one TV set.</p>
<p>New at CCBN 2005: New Interfaces COFDM and 8VSB allow the DTS to more precisely meet the demands of digital video deployment within the terrestrial broadcast industry. The DTS product line now supports both the COFDM and 8VSB modulation called for in the European and North American standards, respectively.</p>
<p>New at CCBN 2005: New Interfaces for Satellite transmissions. Acterna is launching a new satellite interface to its MPEG product line that will extend 8PSK (Turbo-code), QPSK (Turbo-code), QPSK (DVB), and QPSK (DCII) modulation support.</p>
<p>About Acterna</p>
<p>Acterna is the world’s largest provider of communications test solutions for telecommunications and cable network operators. A trusted communications test partner for more than eight decades, Acterna offers an unmatched portfolio of award-winning instruments, systems, software and services that help its customers reduce network costs while improving performance and reliability. Headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, USA – with European and Asia Pacific operations based in Eningen, Germany and Hong Kong – Acterna serves nearly every major communications service provider and equipment manufacturer around the world through a skilled sales and support organization in 31 countries. For more information, visit</p>
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