Netscape details upgrade to Enterprise Server

Netscape details upgrade to Enterprise Server

Netscape Communications yesterday announced what it is calling the next major upgrade of the Netscape Enterprise Server.

The primary focus of this version of Netscape's Enterprise Web Server software is added features for better performance, reliability, and scalability, according to John Dawes, director of marketing for Netscape's Web and application server products.

Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 includes support for multiple processes and process monitors, as well as automatic fail-over. If a Web application crashes, according to Dawes, only one of the Web server processes will go down while the remaining processes provide fail-over to keep the available Web site up and running. In addition, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 features a dynamic log rotation feature so administrators can rotate server logs without shutting down the server, Dawes said.

Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 also features enhanced performance in serving dynamic content, faster processing times, and an increased capability to process heavy loads, according to the company.

For rapid access to Web content and applications, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 features enhanced access to Web applications written with Netscape Server API and CGI. The product includes a CGI engine to accelerate performance by as much as 1500 per cent, officials said.

In addition, security performance is improved by support for secure sockets layer hardware accelerators to provide fast access to secure sites, Dawes said.

Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 supports SNMP, Versions 1 and 2, for standards-based remote monitoring capabilities from a variety of network management systems, including Hewlett-Packard's OpenView, Tivoli Systems' Tivoli Enterprise, BMC's Patrol, Computer Associates' Unicenter, and Sun Solstice.

The product comes bundled with Netscape Directory Server software to provide network administrators with a single place to manage shared resources such as users and groups across the enterprise.

In addition, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 enables administrators to manage remote servers more easily by treating multiple servers as one cluster. Administrators can start or stop remote servers or update remote configuration files simultaneously rather than needing to administer each individual server, according to the company.

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