Cisco's Warrior lays out top tech trends

Cisco's Warrior lays out top tech trends

Cisco CTO, Padmasree Warrior explains how collaboration, mobility, cloud computing and video are shaping the enterprise

Collaboration, mobility, cloud computing and video are just some top technology trends that are going to shift the nature of how enterprise organisations will work in the future, according to Cisco chief technology officer (CTO), Padmasree Warrior.

“There's a big demand and notion to connect clusters of experts and bring them together regardless of their location,” Warrior said. “The challenge with enterprise today is how we bring these experts together. Social media platforms really bring like-minded people together. How can we do that in the enterprise space and what role does collaboration have incorporating some of the concepts of social networking within the enterprise?”

Warrior highlighted the big demand for collaboration along with the mobile revolution and the increasing demand for video in particular vertical markets such as healthcare, education and smart grid technologies.

“The power of the device to connect us and bring us closer together is just beginning and it's going to really change the enterprise, and we'll start to see a huge demand for enterprise applications on the mobile platform,” she said. “As more devices come into the enterprise, it also creates a burden on the network to enable the connection of these devices in a secure fashion and allow users to have the convenience of using our own device within the enterprise and network.

“The next generation entering the work force is going to demand media rich, real time, synchronised, virtual and mobile applications to be delivered to them wherever they are.”

Cloud computing will also play a strong role in changing business and consumption models. Warrior noted factors such as speed and agility were driving customers towards the cloud model, and it was also an area where service providers could step into to build and deliver complex applications and communications services.

“There's a lot of discussion and debate on cloud, but it's becoming a reality very quickly based on some key factors. The CIOs of IT organisations need to optimise both capital expenditure and operational expenditure, there's a need to look at different consumption models and deliver capability,” she said. “There's a convergence going on between the web, inter-web, telecom and communications infrastructure coming together that is driving the fast adoption of cloud computing within the enterprise and consumer space.”

Julia Talevski attended Cisco Live 2011 in Melbourne as a guest of Cisco

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