Tim-ber! Eaton reveals buzz and hiss of power outages

Tim-ber! Eaton reveals buzz and hiss of power outages

Some very strange causes reinforce how important power management products are, vendor claims

Eaton has revealed some truly strange causes for power outages in its first Australia/ New Zealand Blackout Tracker report.

The report, which covers data on power outages and its causes collected over the most part of 2010, lists five truly unique causes for power outages through the year.

They are:

1) On June 6, a group of Victorian vandals broke into cars parked on sloping hills at Burwood, Victoria. After breaking in, the vandals released the hand breaks on the cars. One proceeded to roll down the hill and crash into a power pole, causing a power outage for area residents.

2) On December 28, rainy weather in Havelock on New Zealand’s South Island causes a pile of logs to slip, roll down a hill and take out a power line, cutting power to the area.

3) On August 18, a truck driver in Auckland, New Zealand, managed to cut power to 1722 residents when, in the process of trying to swat away a bee, he missed the bend in the road and the truck hit a power pole.

4) Also on the North Island of New Zealand, on December 7, a child’s kite got tangled in power lines. It resulted in a power outage for 1062 residents.

5) And no weird news story would be complete without an event in the Northern Territory. There, a snake climbed a power pole, and upon touching two wires, caused a short circuit. Residents of Humpty Doo and Lambells Lagoon lost power for over an hour, and the snake was presumedly fried to a crisp.

As amusing as these stories are, they have a serious note.

Eaton marketing manager of distributed power solutions, Michael Mallia, said the vendor was encouraging partners to use the data in the report (freely available from Eaton) as a sales tool for raising awareness on how easily, and how unexpected, power outages can be.

Mallia said it was an increased awareness in disaster-stricken Queensland, Christchurch and even Tokyo that was seeing a mass uptick in UPS engagement, but partners should be proactively engaging with customers to ward against potential future calamities before they hit.

Eaton is also making a concentrated effort to fulfil more deals through its channel – currently at a 40 per cent direct/ 60 per cent channel split, and has in the last year made substantial investments to encourage a greater engagement with its approximately 25-strong partner base.

“There will always be some engagements that the IT channel is not prepared for – mostly in the industrial sector,” Mallia said. “But we are looking to reduce our direct channel business.”

The Blackout Tracker report will be a yearly event, and given the climatic events at the start of this year, 2011’s report is already shaping up to be a startling one.

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