Manufacturing Software on the hunt for resellers

Manufacturing Software on the hunt for resellers

NSW-based vendor, Manufacturing Software, is on the hunt for value-add resellers following the release of its SaaS product, ManuDyn Cloud 9.

The SaaS product can be accessed via tablet devices such as the Apple iPad 2, using a wireless network or 3G/4G data service. Utilising the estimated 10-hour battery life, new lighter weight and two-way, built-in video conferencing capability, users can review and see operations or quality issues on the shop floor.

Cloud 9 also offers faster implementation and training, secured hosting services with scheduled backups of important data, seamless upgrades and a cloud computing environment that adjusts to the user’s computing needs.

“It’s designed to satisfy any manufacturing environment,” Manufacturing Software managing director, Jim Roach, said. “It’s assists manufacturers to help produce what they want to produce by keeping track of their order book, costs, and its suited for job shop manufacturing – where everything is made to order.”

Roach said it had been working on this product for five years. About 12 months ago, Manufacturing Software, launched itself into the US market.

“It has taken us that long to get it that point, and for the hardware and infrastructure to catch up to it,” he said. “Five years ago, 3G network wasn’t around and things like NBN were not even thought about, but they’re the type of things that make this product more viable.”

Roach said it was on the hunt for resellers and the ideal partner would be providing services to the manufacturing industry. It has a reseller network program in place, offering training on the SaaS product.

“We can keep track of who’s using it and we can organise centralised billing through resellers, and they can on-bill the client for the product,” he said.

“We’re not looking for direct client access. We’re looking for the reseller to be frontline support and provide further consultancy and assistance to their clients.”

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