SA to ban posting of violent images online

SA to ban posting of violent images online

The state government wants to impose laws to discourage the filming and uploading of violent and degrading images onto the Internet

South Australian Attorney-General, John Rau, has announced the state government has proposed legislation to ban the posting of violent and degrading images online.

The bill will be introduced to parliament this year.

A viral video of a student violently retaliating against a school bully may have prompted the legislation. The aim is to make those that willingly film or lend their personal recording device to film a violent act accountable.

"The government wants to attack this disgusting fad of thugs engineering and filming violent and humiliating acts and posting the images to websites," Mr Rau said. “This behaviour is so disturbing and potentially damaging to the victims that I believe the creators of these images should be subject to severe penalties, including jail sentences.”

Last year, Rau took over from Michael Atkinson, who was a strong proponent of banning refused classification video games, much to the dismay of the gaming industry.

Australia remains one of the few countries without an R18+ video games classification system.

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