Dramatic Videos, Photos Emphasize Scope of Japan Earthquake

Dramatic Videos, Photos Emphasize Scope of Japan Earthquake

Dramatic video and images shot mostly by ordinary citizens shows the world how terrible yesterday's Japan earthquake was.

Yesterday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan has been captured on video by people all over the world on their smartphones and digital cameras. They're uploading to Twitter, YouTube, and CNN'S iReport, among many other sites.

With the proliferation of camera phones in the last decade, people continue to single-handedly capture events like this one and the 2004 tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands. Today, we see that same thing happening.

News agencies are posting user video and digital stills all over the Web in a fury to show people's first-hand accounts of the destruction.

Here's a video from YouTube from user kirakirayuji, which shows a rattling house as a family tries to escape.

And this video really shows the force of the quake. Directly after the quake, user escot2008 posted this video on YouTube of a group of skyscrapers swaying back and forth. The building appear to be built to sway, a modern earthquake engineering design that is used in many buildings, especially in California.

A tsunami warning was issued and this model from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) graphically shows the expected wave lengths of the tsunami as it moved across the Pacific after the giant earthquake.

This startling image from the Twitter feed of adrianrhaas shows an aerial view of the Sendai Airport in Sendai, Japan, which was hit by the tsunami caused by the earthquake.

And this twitpic by apricotvodka shows the tsunami rushing the shore.

Posted on Gizmodo, but originating Hell For Leather, Jason Fullington, who was there, documented his experience surviving the earthquake from his office in Tokyo. He says, "At 2:46 p.m. Japan time it hit! When it started I thought it was just another tremor like we have frequently here. But it got strong and stronger. I was at my desk at the office just whipping through a few order rips for Icon Moto. My monitor would have fallen off the desk had I not grabbed it (it's a 40 inch TV monitor). This shaker kept building in strength, I have never felt one like this in 9+ years of living in Japan. I yelled to my staff, "GET OUT OF THE BUILDING NOW!" We all darted to the parking lot. And it was still shaking about 30 seconds into it! You could see the ground rolling, my van was literally jumping off the ground, car sirens blaring, telephone and electric poles waving violently." Read the full account.

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