iiNet responds: why broadband relocation is a pain

iiNet responds: why broadband relocation is a pain

Telco explains why people need to wait five weeks for a relocation

Not long ago, I wrote a yARN on my experience of broadband relocation with iiNet.

The ISP has since requested a chance to reply and explain the processes that led to the unfortunate series of events that proved a rather frustrating and lengthy process. An iiNet spokesperson has just emailed me this response:

“In Australia, every ISP encounters similar problems when delivering a naked product over lines owned by a third party. iiNet’s processes are designed to make this transition period as streamlined as possible however there can be events which occur beyond our control which unfortunately delay the process.

At all stages, we notify our customers about the expected time of delivery which can be up to 21 days on average.

In this case the process was stalled because the existing service was on an Optus owned phone service. This meant iiNet was in contact with our wholesale provider to investigate this line being returned to the Telstra network which we rely on for our services. The investigation when contacting our wholesale provider can take approximately 2-3 weeks (10-15 working days) before we gain a response.

We apologise for the communication delays experienced in this instance and have since reviewed our process and implemented changes to ensure each and every relocation is as painless as possible.”

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