iiNet Android VoIP handsets coming soon?

iiNet Android VoIP handsets coming soon?

The ISP’s consumer products division is toying with the idea of releasing a handset running on Google’s Android operating system


In-house developed Android VoIP handsets may be on the horizon, according to Perth-based ISP, iiNet.

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) edging closer to completion, ISPs have to think outside the box and offer more than just a plain broadband service, iiNet said.

iiNet Labs is the new consumer products development division of iiNet. It has been tasked to create broadband-related products to offer iiNet customers added incentives to stay with the ISP in a post-NBN world.

The ISP announced a new iiNet BoB, an aggregated modem, router and phone device, to be released in April. It was designed by iiNet Labs which brought out the BoB light as its maiden product.

The new iiNet BoB features a full colour screen handset and dual VoIP capability to support two phone numbers from different providers.

Watt envisaged future developments of the BoB series would evolve to a touchscreen running Android 2.0 or above.

“There is no reason why we can’t launch handsets running Android OS,” iiNet technical sales manager, Simon Watt, said. “There are a huge amount of people developing apps for Android right now.

“It’s a good platform to develop on.”

Beyond the traditional realms of Internet and telephony, iiNet is gearing up to release an IP security solution. It has engaged with a company in Melbourne to work on releasing IP camera systems for home security.

“By integrating IP cameras with a modem it allows average mums and dads to easily monitor their homes,” Watt said.

Recorded footage can be stored on iiNet’s network through its vault data storage service.

Watt anticipated a mid-year release.

Other left-field concepts Watt flagged included ergonomic keypads for online gaming. He also stressed iiNet Labs was focused on not only making hardware products, but applications as well.

“If its broadband related and it makes commercial sense to launch it and people want to buy it then we will develop it,” he said. “The sky’s the limit.”

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