IBM ramps up Win NT-based solution offerings

IBM ramps up Win NT-based solution offerings

IBM may have initially taken its time adopting Windows NT, but it now appears to be marshalling all of its resources around the platform.

Recently, it announced a host of enhancements to its Intel-based Netfinity server family that are bundled exclusively with the Windows NT operating system.

The new Netfinity 7000M10 and 5500M10 will now include support for Intel's slot-2 Xeon chip, while the 2-way Netfinity 5000 systems are to ship with a choice of Intel's 350MHz or 400MHz processors.

But machines with Intel's fastest chip, the 450MHz, are yet to be announced, which leaves IBM trailing other vendors like Compaq (see page 36) who have already announced servers running on the new technology.

The Netfinity 7000M10 is a 4-way, Xeon-based system offering up to 8GB of memory; 12 redundant and hot-plug PCI slots; Predictive Failure Alert on processor fans; hard drives and power supplies; remote troubleshooting maintenance; and support for Fibre Channel storage.

Available later this month, pricing for the 7000M10 starts at $25,869, including tax.

Also due for release this month is the Netfinity 5500M10, an enhanced version of the 5500. A 2-way Xeon system that supports up to 2GB of memory, it will be priced from $13,620, including tax.

The Netfinity 5000 is powered by a choice of 350MHz or 400MHz Pentium II slot-1 processor and is available with 64MB of memory that can be upgraded to 1GB. Scheduled to ship later this quarter, it will be priced at $6459, including tax.

Separately, IBM has also announced its first branded Fibre Channel storage products and a range of other networking and storage options around the Netfinity platform.

Full solution

IBM's first full Netfinity Fibre Channel solution includes a new expansion cabinet, Fibre-RAID controller, host adapter and hubs that enable transmission speeds of 100 megabytes per second.

Typical of the Fibre Channel technology, the solution connects servers and storage up to 10 kilometres apart, and offers superior scalability, speed and disaster protection capabilities to SCSI.

The solution is priced from $43,719, including tax.

IBM has also introduced a range of new adapters: the ESCON adapter; Netfinity Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Adapters; ServeRAID-3H Ultra2 High-End SCSI RAID Adapter; and the ServeRAID-3L Ultra2 Entry-Level SCSI RAID Adapter.

IBM has also released the Netfinity EXP15 10-bay storage enclosure to complement its Fibre Channel and SCSI solutions.

"The growth in e-business solutions and the acceptance of Windows NT has driven the continued advancement of our Netfinity range," David Russell, IBM's manager, business servers, said.

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