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Network Associates Announces the Beta Release of McAfee Webshield Appliance Providing Secure Content Managment

  • 25 May, 2004 11:12

<p>New Version of McAfee WebShield Appliance Offers Ease of Use, Policy Enforcement, Enhanced Content Scanning, and additional Management and Reporting Capabilities</p>
<p>SYDNEY, May 25, 2004 — Network Associates, Inc., the leading provider of intrusion prevention solutions, today announced the beta release of McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0. McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0 includes significant enhancements to the feature functionality of McAfee WebShield e250, e500 and e1000 appliances, including full policy enforcement, enhanced content scanning, and additional management and reporting capabilities, enabling organisations to quickly and easily resolve major security concerns.</p>
<p>McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0 is part of the McAfee Secure Content Management solution set and is designed to provide anti-virus protection, content scanning and, as part of an optional upgrade, anti-spam protection for “first line of defense” protection at the Internet gateway. McAfee WebShield appliances are highly scalable, integrated solutions that scan each incoming traffic as it reaches the Internet Gateway, ensuring that valuable network resources are not wasted by spam.</p>
<p>“Securing content entering and leaving the organisation is essential in today’s multi-faceted networking environments,” said Allan Bell, Asia Pacific Marketing Director for Network Associates. “McAfee Secure Content Management solutions deliver integrated, flexible technology for small to large organisations, helping them to optimise resources, increase productivity and prevent industry and company policy compromises. With McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0, IT administrators can implement anti-virus and spam protection from the edge of the network to the server, alleviating the burden of unwanted messages.”</p>
<p>Enhancements to McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0</p>
<p>The new release of McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0 will include a number of new features, such as:</p>
<p>· Full Policy Support—McAfee WebShield comes with policy configuration, giving IT administrators the ability to identify logical groups and simultaneously apply rules for anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering. Administrators can also custom tailor preset rules and apply them to specific individuals or groups without affecting the entire user base. Additionally McAfee WebShield allows administrators to leverage previous investment in LDAP based directory services to define, control and manage user groups and apply policies to the user groups without explicit definition.</p>
<p>· New Dashboard and Configuration Wizard—McAfee WebShield Brings visibility to its health and information status on a single dashboard display, saving time and effort for the administrator. The solution also has a user-friendly “1-2-3” out-of-the-box configuration process, making it easier to configure, navigate and bring the device on-line.</p>
<p>· Transport Logging—When enabled, Transport logging provides the ability to collect a wide range of envelope data on a SMTP session for use in debugging, troubleshooting and forensic activity. McAfee WebShield helps users fulfil requirements to be compliant with security best practices required by internal information auditors and offers increased efficiency in identifying offenders and hackers.</p>
<p>· Multi-appliance Management—McAfee WebShield allows for a multiple number of appliances to be managed simultaneously from the same console via multiple windows. Administrators can manage the appliance from a single desktop/browser interface.</p>
<p>McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) provides IT administrators with graphical reporting on key virus activity at the gateway and detailed reports on content filtering rules that have been triggered and attempts that have been made to access prohibited URLs. In addition, full virus trend analysis and reporting is available, ensuring the administrator always has a bird’s-eye view of infections.</p>
<p>The McAfee WebShield Appliance 3.0 will be available for download on May 29 at For more information on availability and pricing, please visit</p>
<p>McAfee anti-virus security products are a part of Network Associates McAfee Systems Protection Solutions family of products, which protect systems from security breaches, virus attacks and blended threats by providing comprehensive system and network protection. In addition to industry leading anti-virus, encryption, desktop firewall, intrusion detection, viral vulnerability assessment and online managed services, all McAfee Security products are backed by the world-leading anti-virus research organisation, McAfee AVERT (Anti-Virus and Vulnerability Emergency Response Team). McAfee AVERT is the team responsible for providing cures for major outbreaks like Mydoom, Netsky, Bagle, Blaster, Nachi and Lovsan. For more information, McAfee experts can be reached at +61 2 9761 4200, and on the Internet at</p>
<p>About Network Associates
With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Network Associates, Inc. (NYSE: NET) creates best-of-breed computer security solutions that prevent intrusions on networks and protect computer systems from the next generation of blended attacks and threats. Offering two families of products, McAfee System Protection Solutions, securing desktops and servers, and McAfee Network Protection Solutions, ensuring the protection and performance of the corporate network, Network Associates offers computer security to large enterprises, governments, small and medium sized businesses, and consumers. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at +61 2 9761 4200 or on the Internet at</p>
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