Ingram addresses TechLink troubles

Ingram addresses TechLink troubles

Resellers are still having issues with the site and shipments, but Ingram MD, Jay Miley, reassures it's working through each problem

Resellers are still experiencing issues with Ingram Micro since its upgrade to its TechLink site and backend system, but the distributor has assured it’s tackling the problems.

The distributor replaced its backend Adonis system with SAP , which went live on January 31.

The new system was rigorously tested for several months before it went live, and Ingram expected minimal disruption for resellers. At the same as upgrading to SAP, it also made enhancements to its TechLink portal.

PCS Australia CEO, Sydney Borg, said he still had issues with deliveries, obtaining paper work and a list of backorders; and getting answers from Ingram’s finance department.

“They’re stuffing me around and they’re killing my business,” Borg said. “I don’t think they understand the effect this is having on my business and customers.”

Nexus purchasing manager, Peter Lu, previously said it experienced some major problems and had to wait about a week to get orders delivered.

“The timing was bad – last week we had the public holiday, and put the order in the day before. Then they started the changeover, and as a result the order wasn’t processed for quite a while,” Lu said. “Another big thing for us was a lot of the licenses they had – there was a lot of information on the website. Because you can’t purchase licenses online any more, the important information that was on there, isn’t there any more.”

Some resellers also commented on ARN that back orders were disappearing and they couldn’t search product numbers.

Ingram Micro vice-president and managing director A/NZ, Jay Miley, said changes to its system infrastructure were required and he acknowledged the upgrade was going to be a difficult process.

“It’s a difficult process to change your system especially when you’re the size and the scale that we are,” Miley said. “No matter what steps you take from a planning perspective, and there are a lot of steps we took, unanticipated challenges can arise.

“We’ve been live for 10 days in the system and our immediate focus, during a time like this, is to work with our customers to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. The system is functioning and while we are having some issues, we’re processing thousands of orders everyday.”

The issues for resellers manifested in two main areas with the website and its shipments.

Miley was aware there had been some degradation with waiting times and the ability to process orders as fast as customers were previously used to.

“We are and we will continue to take the appropriate measures required to address these customer issues, especially when we know about them and they communicate directly with us,” he said. “In the first week, we were slower at getting orders in the system, and then handing them over to our transportation providers. That area has improved significantly for us this week.

“We’re eager to continue to serve their needs and we will remedy any issues that we uncover, and I’m sure we’ll uncover a few more, but we will turn them around as quickly as we can.”

In the past week, Ingram has made a variety of changes to its TechLink platform in order to iron out many of the unexpected issues it was experiencing around freight and obtaining an invoice on demand, and this has now been rectified.

The distributor also has a team in place categorising issues and assessing what needs to be done to fix the problems.

“As we uncover an issue, we’re prioritising and assigning resources to it,” he said.

Issues with the website should be directed to and with shipments to

“We thank customers that have been impacted for their patience during this transition period and change. A lot of the issues are teething issues that were tackling one at a time, we are moving past many of them,” Miley said.

Once Ingram gets through the teething issues, Miley said the new system will provide several benefits for both resellers and vendors.

“We believe that this platform will allow us to standardise and simplify our processes so we can more effectively scale the operation. In order to continue to grow, we need a system that can grow with us,” he said.

“The platform we’re putting in place is really going to allow us to quickly address some of the innovation in the market and will allow us to tap into some of the investments being made in other regions.”

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