Vividwireless adopts Huawei TD-LTE for east coast capitals

Vividwireless adopts Huawei TD-LTE for east coast capitals

Company aims to offer download speeds of 40-70Mbps within 18 months, but has no plans for resellers


Perth-based ISP, Vividwireless, has completed trials of Huawei’s TD-LTE wireless broadband system and aims to offer east coast customers 40-70Mbps speeds within 18 months.

Time Division Duplex Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE), is a mobile broadband standard that is a newer version of LTE, which is compatible with Wi-Max.

The telco showed off its high-speed wireless broadband trial at an event in Sydney, demonstrating peak download speeds of 127Mbps and an average of 94Mbps.

According to Vividwireless CEO, Martin Mercer, customers can eventually expect download speeds of 40-70Mbps, upload speeds of 4-7Mbps and latency of under 20ms.

“Our focus is on delivering high-quality rich media to small screens,” Mercer said. “We see opportunities in tablets, netbooks, smartphones and delivering video, and other rich media to devices.”

Mercer said the network, using Huawei technology, would be rolled out within 12-18 months of Vividwireless securing necessary funding from banks and other sources. He was optimistic funding could be secured within the next 6 months.

Mercer indicated the company had enough spectrum to support 90 per cent of the population in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane at the speeds described above. This is despite the telco offering unlimited data plans at relatively low prices.

“We don’t have fair use policies,” he said. “We have a fourth generation network that is an all IP network with three levels of QoS (quality of service).

“Time sensitive traffic is given preference by the network. Priority number two is regular Internet browsing like YouTube and email, while priority three is all other things, predominately peer-to-peer downloads, which gets the remaining bandwidth after the first two levels.”

The company will not offer wholesale services for resellers or partners, but customers are able to purchase plans and equipment from selected retailers, including Harvey Norman and Allphones.

Mercer said despite the wide-ranging potential of the Labor Government’s National Broadband Network, a change of Government would not make a major difference to Vividwireless.

“In the future people’s primary connection is going to be a wireless connection,” he said. “We only compete at the margins of the NBN and we address very different needs and markets.

“If the NBN didn’t go ahead then it would be not much different from my point of view than if the NBN did go ahead.”

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