Ingram Techlink encounters teething problems

Ingram Techlink encounters teething problems

Ingram's team is working hard to resolve call waiting times

Resellers have expressed some frustration since Ingram Micro enhanced its TechLink site and upgraded its ERP system.

The distributor replaced its Adonis system with SAP that went live on January 31.

The new system was rigorously tested for several months before it went live, and Ingram expected minimal disruption for resellers. At the same as upgrading to SAP, it also made enhancements to its TechLink portal, which included real-time view of stock availability, an enhanced product search capability, prices, and when the order will be shipped. It also aimed to provide much more sophisticated reporting, with the ability to create customised reports and queries.

Nexus purchasing manager, Peter Lu, said it experienced some major problems and had to wait about a week to get orders delivered.

“I think the timing was bad too – last week we had the public holiday, and put the order in the day before. Then they started the changeover, and as a result the order wasn’t processed for quite a while,” Lu said.

“The Website was also a bit jerky at first, but has since been smoothed out. Refresh rates and search times are the same as before the update now.

“Another big thing for us was a lot of the licenses they had – there was a lot of information on the Website. Because you can’t purchase licenses online any more, the important information that was on there, isn’t there any more.”

Some resellers also commented on ARN that back orders were disappearing, they couldn’t search product numbers, nobody has been answering the phones and there has been no communication about the upgrade being complete.

Another reseller said it couldn’t look up licensing, HP Care Packs or serial numbers on invoices.

Ingram Micro marketing director, Grant Cleary, said it had team of people working hard to resolve the issue with call waiting times.

“Customers do have some questions now that the changes have rolled out and this is resulting in longer than normal call wait times,” Cleary said.

Cleary encouraged resellers to contact him directly at to help address their issues.

The distributor’s New Zealand counterpart underwent a similar upgrade last year, which encountered a few problems.

At the same time as upgrading its ERP software, Ingram in New Zealand also introduced a new e-commerce portal, Endeavour, which replaced TechLink due its incompatibility with the SAP software. But locally, it was able to integrate TechLink with SAP.

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