Vodafone: CommsDirect is the only bad apple

Vodafone: CommsDirect is the only bad apple

No other Vodafone dealers and resellers to be investigated by the telco

Vodafone will not investigate its other B2B resellers and believes they are all operating legitimately, according to a spokesperson. The claim comes as the telco cuts its contract with major telco reseller, CommsDirect.

CommsDirect, which claimed to be “Vodafone’s largest premium partner”, was accused of illegal dealings by the Sydney Morning Herald. It was alleged to have encouraged employees to pose as customers in an effort to increase commissions and boost sign-up rates.

The telco subsequently cut ties with the reseller, which has since stopped answering phone calls and taken down its website.

Vodafone had arranged for the termination of its dealer arrangement with Communications Direct Australia on Friday, 21 January due to alleged business practices that breached the terms of its dealer agreement,” the company said.

The spokesperson told ARN the alleged actions of CommsDirect had not sparked a larger enquiry into Vodafone’s dealers and resellers.

“We’re confident they’re all operating legitimately and doing the right thing and this seems to be an isolated case,” they said. “We’ve received information that gives us reasonable suspicion and…(CommsDirect) is no longer selling Vodafone. I’m not sure if they’re even in business anymore.”

Almost all of Vodafone’s consumer dealers were brought in-house after the telco merged with Hutchinson. The only independent dealers and resellers remaining target the business to business market exclusively.

“There are some major ones and there are a lot of smaller operators…so it’s quite a wide spread,” the spokesperson added.

Vodafone has recently been under fire for a range of issues. Over 12,000 people used online portal,, to lodge complaints about the telco’s services.

It was forced to fire a number of staff after discovering lax security that allowed relatively easy access to its customer database for dealers and staff.

And over 20,000 unhappy users are reportedly considering launching legal action against Vodafone for providing unsatisfactory services via law firm, Piper Alderman.

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