Intel: Newest chip won’t stop you pirating movies

Intel: Newest chip won’t stop you pirating movies

Intel general manager dismisses claims Sandy Bridge will allow studios to monitor pirated content

Tech giant, Intel, has launched its latest "2nd Generation Intel Core Processor" CPU products and promised users there are no measures built-in to monitor or prevent pirated films being played on computers.

The event for journalists, vendors and distributors was held in Sydney on January 18. According to Intel general manager for the PC client group, Shmuel “Mooly” Eden, the new chipset, codenamed "Sandy Bridge", is faster and less energy consuming than the previous generation of processors.

“If you are doing something like opening spreadsheets it can give you a performance improvement of up to 60 per cent,” he said. “If you are running Microsoft Excel it will run eight times faster than a 3 year old system and if you want to manipulate pictures it’ll be around 333 times faster.”

But another much more controversial feature was also on show during the presentation. As part of a deal stuck with movie studios, the chipset has a built-in secure channel called “Intel Insider” that allows movie studios to stream high-definition content without running the risk of it being pirated.

When the feature was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011, many experts and journalists speculated the feature would also prevent users from creating, downloading or sharing movie files and other content deemed to be pirated.

After multiple questions on the issue from journalists, Eden denied “Intel Insider” would provide the vendor or studios a back door to monitor or prevent pirated films and other content from being used or played.

“The last thing I want to do is to do is spy on my customers and I think it’s totally illegal,” he said. “I’m not the policeman of the universe…if you want to know anything about the customer you need to ask permission.

“There’s no kind of hidden agenda…it’s a big no,” he added. “It will not stop piracy and I do not believe you can stop piracy.”

His comments added to those of movie studios that have said they will now start streaming high definition content over the Internet thanks to the changes.

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