Malaysian software house launches Jini-based ERP Software

Malaysian software house launches Jini-based ERP Software

Malaysian software company Datek has announced that it will soon launch what it describes as the first enterprise software package written to Sun Microsystem's Jini standard for distributed computing.

Jini uses Sun's Java programming language to weave together the collective power and capabilities of all devices on a network, allowing different computers and devices to operate together as if they were a single entity. Sun begun publicly evangelising Jini less than a week ago.

Using Jini's capabilities, the Madura enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite will be delivered as a service over the Internet, rather than being sold or leased to customers, according to Datek.

"This pricing model effectively eliminates the need for corporations to commit large amounts of capital to acquire our software. Instead, they are charged on a pay-per-use basis, calculated on the actual number of transactions entered into Madura. The more transactions, the cheaper it becomes, until it bottoms out as low as one cent per transaction," said Datek CEO Darryl Carlton in a statement.

Madura, completely written in Java, is accessible from a standard Web browser, and because of the component nature of the software, can easily support a range of 41 national languages and several currencies, the company said.

Madura will be progressively released from August 3 onwards with complete general ledger and systems administration modules. Other business and financial management modules will be rolled out in the third quarter of this year including project and job costing, inventory tracking, bill of materials, just-in-time manufacturing, sales order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable and purchasing, Datek said.

Carlton also said that Datek is at an advanced stage of negotiations with several Internet service providers (ISPs) and international accounting firms to make Madura available as a service to their customers.

"Jini-powered Madura will make it possible for ISPs to compete as the systems integrators of the future," said Carlton in a statement. "In the same way that any hardware device can be discovered on the network through Jini, Datek is building all of its enterprise software components as Jini services."

Earlier versions of Madura are currently used by some of the world's largest civil and construction engineering firms, government agencies, aircraft manufacturers, accounting and professional services firms, Datek said.

Datek is currently implementing a project for an as yet unnamed telephone company with a very comprehensive Java application being built using many of the Jini services, such as JavaSpaces, Events and Transactions, Carlton said.

"When completed, the application will have 1000 users in 100 centres, accessing several mainframes and several more SQL Data Servers," he said in a statement. "Our first tests, on untuned development code, have shown screen loading times over the network of less than 15 seconds, and end-to-end transaction times, including mainframe data retrieval from a non-relational database, of less than 10 seconds per screen."

More information on Datek can be found at

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