Protac first with DVD+RW

Protac first with DVD+RW

PC and components distributor Protac has got the jump on the market by being the first to offer the DVD+RW drive for PCs in Australia.

One of four DVD-recordable formats, DVD+RW is touted to be particularly suited to PC resellers due to its compatibility, speed and its PC-focused design.

The eight vendors supporting the DVD+RW standard are pushing it to become the successor to the CD-R/RW format.

Patrick Cheng, marketing manager for Protac Australia, said his company has stocked up on Ricoh's new MP5120A DVD+RW drive in the hope that PC resellers will be enthused with the new technology.

"It's much easier to work with than other formats," he said.

Cheng claimed that the Ricoh DVD+RW drive can write a DVD disc in under a couple of minutes, as opposed to 15 to 20 minutes for other DVD-recordable standards.

Protac will initially target the sale of the Ricoh product to the business user that wants to back up data. "It will particularly suit graphic, audio and video designers," he said.The price currently stands at around $1100.

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