Battle for online sales GST heats up

Battle for online sales GST heats up

Major retailers set to form a new company to lobby for GST to be imposed on online sales

The coalition of major retailers pushing for GST to be charged on sales over the Internet are stepping up the attack and forming a lobby group with dedicated staff and resources.

According to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald, the group of companies known as the Retail Coalition is set to submit documents to security regulators allowing it to form an independent company.

The Retail Coalition includes Gerry Harvey, Solomon Lew as well as Myers and David Jones. The SMH also claimed a national dial-in by major corporate executives was scheduled for 10am this morning.

The move would signal a step up in the campaign to charge GST on all Internet sales worth. At present, online sales worth less than $1000 are exempt from GST due to the high cost involved with collecting the tax.

An initial move by the Retail Coalition to pressure the Government into introducing more tax backfired and caused significant negative publicity for the companies involved.

The Australian Retailer Association (ARA) labelled the move a “knee-jerk reaction” and it was opposed by talkback radio station hosts and Electronic Frontiers Australia.

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