MCR shielded from downturn

MCR shielded from downturn

Sydney-based Sun reseller MCR has been graced with a seat at the right hand of its supplier after recently opening a new administration, sales and marketing office in the bowels of the vendor's North Sydney headquarters.

MCR claims its Shield program of managed IT infrastructure services to customers has seen it defy the industry downturn with sustained growth and profit.

High-end product is still sourced through Sun distributor Alstom IT and managed by the customer. Graham Orford, MCR's CEO, stressed that the Shield program "is not outsourcing", but rather a service offering that is designed to "extend predictability" of costs and operations.

"It has been a momentous year for us," Orford said in opening the new MCR corporate headquarters. "We made a decision to abandon every other relationship to focus purely on Sun products and services.

"It has been a good decision for us. To succeed in tough times, you have to focus. In the last year, we have beaten the daylights out of the opposition, been extremely profitable and shown incredible growth."

Orford said he is expecting demand for MCR's offerings to only increase as it "delivers cost savings and operational efficiencies" to enterprise customers. He said enterprise customers were looking to reel in costs in the current economic environment, and MCR sells solutions which assist in that endeavour.

"The Shield offering from MCR addresses and covers the shortage of money and people that are available for enterprises at the moment," he said. "Moving to our new premises in North Sydney brings us much closer to the support of our supply partner and right to the heart of the action."

Jim Hassell, managing director of Sun Microsystems in Australia, was also on hand to formally open MCR's new premises. He re-emphasised the vendor's commitment to channel partners and praised the success of MCR in the Sun marketplace.

"[MCR's success] is a little bit of good news in a large pile of doom and gloom," Hassell said. "Here is a company that is growing its business and doing innovative things by focusing on what it knows best.

"It is a pleasure to be partnering with MCR. Our business is based on partnerships. Everything we do is predicated on partnerships."

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