Saise finds success with DSL

Saise finds success with DSL

Telecommunications provider Saise has begun reselling DSL services into its customer base and has found a healthy new income stream, without relying on carriers.

Saise is one of 20 premium channel partners in RequestDSL's 80-strong partner community selling DSL services.

Saise is selling the services into its existing client base, which has been built up on the provision of telephony services over the past three years. After an exhausting 24 to 30-month preparation, the company began offering data services earlier this year after signing with RequestDSL.

"We have found DSL extremely successful - contrary to the hardships most resellers are having with the major carriers," said Saise director Graham Kelly.

Kelly said the company's success has been due to its commitment to providing systems integration and consulting services around its connectivity products. But he also credits the wholesale-only model of RequestDSL for the company's growth.

RequestDSL's Garry McCarten said his company prides itself on being a wholesale-only provider, and has no direct commercial relationships with any customers. "Unlike the other service providers offering DSL, we don't have a retail arm," he said. "Being a wholesale provider and selling retail at the same time creates an obvious conflict.

"Our whole business model is to allow service providers to flourish. That is unique in Australia."

McCarten said the most successful RequestDSL channel partners are winning on reputation rather than price. "It is pleasing for us, as we don't want to start a price war," he said. "If it's $10 cheaper elsewhere, but it's reliable service with us, the customer will take the latter."

McCarten boasts that RequestDSL achieved 99.93 per cent availability in its last quarter and is lifting its service-level agreements.

"When you are pitching to an existing client base, you need a reliable wholesale provider or you risk losing existing customers," said Kelly. "The margins pale into insignificance compared to the retention value of the product."

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