QoSArray is a scalable QoS (quality of service) solution managing links up to OC3 speeds. QoSArray's scalability is based on a patent-pending clustering technology, which makes it possible to deploy and manage QoS in large-scale and complex network topologies. In addition, Sitara's clustering technology also provides a fault-tolerant system for networks where uptime is critical. QoSArray uses active redundancy, a more efficient redundancy system than conventional standby technology. With active redundancy, two modules act as one virtual system with a single IP address, mirroring policies, configurations and all collected statistics. QoSArray incorporates QoS tools for all types of traffic including a built-in traffic classifier, a policy manager, Sitara AccuRate Traffic Management (which combines and coordinates multiple QoS traffic management mechanisms), policy-smart Web caching, and real-time monitoring and reporting.

QoSArray retails from $A53,090 (ex GST).

Sitara: (02) 8912 2170

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