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Top Ten Viruses and Hoaxes Reported To Sophos in April 2004

  • 03 May, 2004 11:38

<p>Netsky still dominating the virus chart.</p>
Sydney, 03 May 2004</p>
<p>Sophos, a world leader in protecting businesses against spam and viruses, has revealed the top ten viruses and hoaxes causing problems for businesses around the world.</p>
<p>The report, which examines virus and hoax reports in the month of April 2004, shows three new viruses have entered the chart, with Netsky variants taking seven places.</p>
<p>The top ten viruses in April 2004 were as follows:</p>
<p>1. W32/Netsky-P (Netsky variant) 23.19%</p>
<p>2. W32/Netsky-B (Netsky variant) 20.16%</p>
<p>3. W32/Netsky-D (Netsky variant) 16.76%</p>
<p>4. W32/Netsky-C (Netsky variant) 4.99%</p>
<p>5. W32/Netsky-Q (Netsky variant) 2.79% NEW ENTRY</p>
<p>6. W32/Sober-F (Sober variant) 1.14%</p>
<p>7. W32/Netsky-J (Netsky variant) 0.78%</p>
<p>8. W32/Bagle-Zip (Bagle variant) 0.64% NEW ENTRY</p>
<p>9. W32/Gibe-F (Gibe variant) 0.22%</p>
<p>10. W32/Netsky-T (Netsky variant) 0.21% NEW ENTRY</p>
<p>Others 29.12%</p>
<p>"With several Netsky variants clogging email gateways and infecting unprotected users, these again dominated the charts in April. Since the viral code has been shared by the originator, some of these may have been generated by ‘wannabes’," said Sean Richmond, Sophos’s Technical Support Manager for Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>"The rapid increase of new variants may appear intimidating to computer users and administrators. However with good practices and swift automatic updating of anti-virus protection across the enterprise, these threats can be dealt with. Ensuring desktop protection is up-to-date is especially important with threats such as Sasser and Agobot bypassing gateway protection and directly attacking networked computers.</p>
<p>“Proper protection at all points not only safeguards individual computers, but it also helps to slow down the rate of infection, which helps all other users of the net."</p>
<p>Sophos analysed and protected against 740 new viruses in April. The total number of viruses Sophos now protects against is 89,852.</p>
<p>The top ten hoaxes reported to Sophos during March are as follows:</p>
<p>1. Hotmail hoax 14.4% NINTH MONTH AT NUMBER ONE</p>
<p>2. Meninas da Playboy 11.2%</p>
<p>3. A virtual card for you 9.1%</p>
<p>4. Bonsai kitten 7.3%</p>
<p>5. JDBGMGR 6.0%</p>
<p>6. WTC Survivor 5.1%</p>
<p>7. Budweiser frogs screensaver 5.0%</p>
<p>8. Bill Gates fortune 4.7%</p>
<p>9. Jamie Bulger 3.6%</p>
<p>10. Nigerian letter 1.8% NEW ENTRY</p>
<p>Others 31.8%</p>
<p>Sophos has made available a free, constantly updated information feed for intranets and websites which means users can always find out about the latest viruses and hoaxes:</p>
<p>Graphics of the above Top Ten virus chart are available at:</p>
<p>For more information about safe computing, including anti-hoax policies, please visit:</p>
<p>Notes for Editors.</p>
<p>About Sophos.
Sophos is a world leading specialist developer of anti-virus and anti-spam software. Sophos is headquartered in the UK and protects all types of organisations, including small- to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, banks, governments and educational institutions against viruses and spam. The company is acclaimed for delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and protection in the industry. Sophos's products, backed by 24 hour support are sold and supported in more than 150 countries.</p>
<p>Sophos's regional head office for Australia and New Zealand is in Sydney and hosts one of the company's three Computer Virus Research and Development Laboratories to provide global support services.</p>
Sean Richmond ( is available for comment:
+61 2 9409 9100 (tel)
+61 2 9409 9191 (fax)</p>
<p>Sophos's press contact at Gotley Nix Evans is:
Michael Henderson (
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