SilverStream seeks SI partners

SilverStream seeks SI partners

Middleware vendor SilverStream Software is attempting to woo systems integration partners with a slew of products aimed at adding value to the application server.

The company's Australian operations, consisting of 10 staff in Sydney and Melbourne, has currently struck up deals with Aspect Computing and its own competitor IBM, and is hoping a number of new initiatives will attract further partners.

Gordon Baird, general manager of SilverStream Australia, said he has set up a sales support capability to aid the appointment of systems integration partners in Australia. He is in discussion with a few ISVs in Australia that may embed any one of 25 discreet technologies incorporated in SilverStream products.

SilverStream's heritage is in the development of an application server product that outdates the common J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition) compliant variety that is most popular today. According to chief technology officer Steve Benfield, the company moved its technology into the enterprise Java mould as "anything that wasn't J2EE was seen as propreitary."

Benfield claims SilverStream may be outsold by its rivals on application servers, but the middleware that runs on top of it can work across any J2EE compliant server. The company is banking on the sale of its suite of XML integration, java development tools and portal products to any number of customers using J2EE servers.

SilverStream has made its graphical user interface development product (named "Workbench") available for download free of charge on the SilverStream Web site. Benfield said this is a way of "seeding the developer market" with SilverStream software.

"J2EE is overwhelming for the average developer," he said. "And when the J2EE 1.3 spec is released next year, it will add even more complexity to the mix. As more and more people are using J2EE, the bar gets lowered and creates a need for tools."

Benfield said it is difficult to compete with IBM and BEA in the application server space, but claims SilverStream can usually outsell its competitors on price and ease of deployment.

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