Personal Innovation Awards: Sales Excellence - Andrew Winter, EMC

Personal Innovation Awards: Sales Excellence - Andrew Winter, EMC

The key is partner enablement

EMC’s WA branch might be a relatively small one, but it has developed a reputation for quality partner support, reflected in this year’s Personal Innovation, Sales Excellence award going to channel manager, Andrew Winter.

But there was nothing especially innovative in his approach to the job, Winter said. “I believe it’s more about trying to get the fundamentals right, and then constantly looking at what you do, what you’re not doing well, and enhance what you can do a little bit better,” he said.

Perhaps that back-to-basics approach is, in itself, innovative. That’s not to say Winter, and his team (which he is very quick to credit a great part of his award to) have done nothing to develop the ‘partnering with EMC’ experience further, either. “Sometimes, in big organisations, the enablement piece is a little bit difficult,” Winter said.

“There are things we’ve done a little differently in WA, in the way we work with partners to educate them and make them aware of our product range and how we go to market.

“I’m not saying ours is perfect, but trying to work with partners so they understand where they get the right information to enable them to do their business – I think we do that particularly well in WA.”

Looking forward, Winter expects 2011 to be a case of more of the same, which is if you believe his rhetoric, puts EMC in prime position to earn this award again next year.

“The awards are great recognition, but for us the main goal is on delivering results for the business and partners for next year. It’s about doing it all over again, but what we can learn is how to do it a little bit better.”

Beyond that, EMC and Winter’s team seems to be in good shape for 2011. In the relatively small community of the WA IT landscape, and coming on the back of his IBM experience, Winter believes he has established a comfortable network of relationships to leverage from.

“We’ve got a good, committed group of partners at the moment, and I’ve got great support in management from EMC, and most of all, we’ve got a really good team in WA, and as a result of that it helps to continually engage with the partners.”

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