Don't burn yourself on the puns: A little about Java

Don't burn yourself on the puns: A little about Java

Java is hotter than steaming coffee at the moment. Hundreds of articles are being written worldwide every month. Its implications for resellers are as yet unclear, with tantalising hints being scattered like coffeebeans round a cappuccino bar. For example, in a recent release advertising Sun's Java Programming courses for the first half of 1996, Java's ability to create point-of-sale applications is mentioned. Similarly, it may be significant that users can download powerful software straight from the Net (if Java's claims turn out to be true), thus bypassing the reseller altogether.

However, it isn't easy to get a grasp on what exactly is going on up there in the Net. Ask Sun to send you information, and you'll get media releases and promotional material. Write to their e-mail address, and you'll get a reply that begins by referring you to other Net sites. Perhaps the difficulty in finding out what exactly goes into a cup of Java is a result of the newness of the product. We can't know what the implications of Java are for resellers just yet. When Java and HotJava are more established, they will probably be easier to get your teeth into. Coffeecake, instead of coffee steam.

So, in order to try and condense some of the information that is permeating the media like the smell of percolating coffee in a small room, what follows is a summary of where to go on the Web to find answers to some questions you may have. recently asked questions page: more organised answers on the frequently asked questions page: about platforms: 1.0 Beta 2 JDK: Alpha 3 Java/HotJava: 32-x86.html or mailing lists: details and installation instructions: see "details about platforms" programming: and What's New page: about Java language and programming: comp.lang.javaabout the HotJava WWW browser: alt.www.hotjavamailing lists: Note that these lists are now obsolete. Use only as a last resort.documentation page (white papers etc): report page: gettingintouch/bugreport.htmlNetscape release notes: bugs: questions: orlicensing@java.sun.comSunService provides Java Programming courses, both Basic and Advanced. They will be running in WA in February, Qld in March, ACT in February and March, Vic from February to June and NSW from April to June. For details contact Loraine Golden: (02) 844 5000.

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