What's new from ... APC, Opti-UPS, Upsonic, MGE UPS Systems

What's new from ... APC, Opti-UPS, Upsonic, MGE UPS Systems


APC's Back-UPS CS is specifically designed to protect computer equipment in home offices and small businesses against common power disturbances. The Back-UPS CS instantly switches electrical equipment to emergency battery backup power, allowing users to work through brief power outages or to safely shut down systems in the event of an extended outage. High-performance surge suppression protects equipment from electrical noise and damaging power surges, such as those caused by lightning. The range includes three-battery/surge outlets and one surge-only outlet. The device also offers telephone/DSL/fax/modem surge protection, which prevents power anomalies entering equipment connected to the Internet, phone or other online devices. Back-UPS CS also has long-lasting, user-replaceable batteries with microprocessor-controlled intelligent battery management. Its automatic battery self-tests and audible alarms notify users when the battery needs to be replaced.

Back-UPS CS 350VA and 500VA retail for $221 and $315 respectively.

APC: (02) 9955 9366,


Opti's Power 500vs range is designed for the SOHO sector, offering dependable power protection at an affordable price. It has a maximum capacity of 500/500 volt-amps/watt and a typical runtime of nine minutes at half capacity and three minutes at full load. With two batteries and surge-protected outlets, the 500vs protects against blackouts, surges, sags and other power disturbances. It has an additional non-battery-protected outlet to guard the Internet/network and peripherals from power fluctuations. The unit comes standard with Site Wiring Fault Indicator to warn against hazardous missing ground and reverse polarity miswirings. All Opti-UPS products include a three-year limited warranty and the vendor is currently setting up a Melbourne-based office to manage nationwide sales, service, warehousing and distribution. The second-generation 500vs range is due for release in January.

Opti-UPS: 0418 636 626,


The PC Power UPS (300-1200VA) is Upsonic's most widely used UPS system, offering voltage regulation, intelligent interfacing and the option of an Australian Communications Authority-approved telephone/modem TVSS surge filter or network filter. It offers automatic voltage regulation, a smart interface port and cold startup if there are no mains available. It also has surge, spike and noise protection and comes with an optional modem/network filter.

Pricing ranges from $323 for the

400VA to $771 for the 1200VA

(ex GST).

Upsonic Power Australia: 1800 634 307,

MGE UPS Systems

MGE's new Pulsar Evolution family is designed to protect enterprise networking components (from one to 15 servers, multiple storage sub-systems or internetworking equipment), in tower or rack configurations. There are six models in the Pulsar family (500/800/1100/1500/2200/3000 VA), including rack-optimised units which require only 1U (1.75in) of rack space. Other features include individual remote reboot, USB and serial communications, Web-based remote monitoring using XML tags, SNMP proxy agents for remote administration, a cable-locking system on the rack models, noise elimination on the network line, and a compact multiple-hour battery runtime solution for telco or Internet environments. All models come with MGE's Solution-Pac power management software, for trouble-free operation and user-friendly supervision under Windows 2000, NT, Linux, NetWare, SCO, SUN Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and MacOS.

Pricing on the Pulsar Evolution ranges from $396 for the 500VA to $1938 for the 3000VA (ex GST).

MGE: (03) 8795 7022,

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