Please, please ... no gifts

Please, please ... no gifts

It's a hard life in the channel. Provided you have the capacity to sell a bit of volume, you can expect to be bombarded with vendor gifts at this time of year.

In the house of Tabloid this Christmas, vendor gifts were as bizarre as cans of alphabet soup, children's boogy-boards, spinning tops and jars of lollies, which, according to one Tabloid spy, "didn't taste quite right".

One prominent service provider has decided enough is enough. Unisys has sent out a letter, a copy of which was obtained by Tabloid spies, which outlines a new policy with regard to gifts.

"At Unisys, we place a high value on business integrity and strong ethical practices," the letter stated. "Unisys has an established code of ethics and business conduct which prohibits our employees from receiving anything of value where receipt could or might appear to influence a decision with respect to Unisys doing business with your firm. For this reason, we ask your employees to refrain from providing gifts or other business courtesies of value to any employee of Unisys."

The message has a disclaimer of course. Gifts of "nominal value" such as promotional items (a car perhaps?) or an occasional meal (Level 41 anyone?) are quite acceptable.

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